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When we walk in a lifestyle of the supernatural and the encounters that go with it, evangelism will naturally be a part of our everyday walk. We won’t have to think about the “where and how” of sharing the love of Jesus with people – they will naturally find us! There is nothing wrong with being intentional with evangelism, however the key to the results you want to see is allowing evangelism to become who you are instead of simply what you do. Not everyone is called to the office of Evangelist, but every believer shares the good news! This can be an incredibly intimidating thing if you do not understand God’s heart, nor do you know your place in His heart.

Here are two questions we need to answer as we walk in a supernatural lifestyle of evangelism:

  1. What does the Father see?
  2. What does God want to accomplish through me?

These questions will help us focus on our objective. When we keep our eyes on the Father, the Son can accomplish heaven through us.

To that end, this has been the focus and objective of our ministry since we began. Our life scripture, Acts 26:18, flows from God’s heart to us – To open their eyes, to turn them from darkness to light, from the power of satan unto God that they might receive – forgiveness of sins, and an inheritance among those sanctified by faith in Jesus.

Some people, especially unbelievers, accuse God of being selfish. But He does not want our praise for His own selfish motives. Instead, He is looking to impart something and to give something to us! He is eagerly waiting so that we can receive from Him! As His ambassadors, when we share the good news, we are not just trying to “fill the pews” and pile more people into church. Instead, our ultimate goal is to offer Him an inheritance of children and give people a place in a divinely appointed family. Once we taste of is love, we will consistently release it to bring change to those around us until the earth begins to look like heaven. This is exactly what Jesus did.

That’s revolutionary!

The prophet, according to Jeremiah 20:9, had a fire shut up in His bones that He could not contain!I am believing for that today for my life. Will you believe it, too? That fire – the word of the Lord  – was what motivated Jeremiah – and what motivates me – to go and pursue people for the kingdom of God! Not only do I pursue, but I also I cannot help but share the love of Jesus with them. It’s contagious!

Never receive condemnation in evangelism. Do your best, and let His Presence do the rest.

On the other hand, Jesus chastised the church of Ephesus for just one thing – they lost their first love. They lost that passion – that fire in their bones, if you will – that burned within them like a campfire on a cold desert night that could be seen for miles, attracting anyone nearby to its light and warmth.

As you read, I am declaring a rekindling, the freedom to burn brightly for Jesus without conforming to religious molds!

Keep that fire from smoldering into embers and going out. Rekindle your first love, whatever it takes, whatever that means.

Have just released a manual for Supernatural Evangelism called “Supernatural Evangelism 101: A Smart Guide to Seeing Jesus Revealed in Humanity.” You can grab it in the Kingdom Dwellers store at! Bless you today friends.


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