Prepare for the Whirlwinds of God!

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Prepare for the Whirlwinds of God!

“Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind…” Job 38:1

Over a three night period I was taken into a series of dreams and open visions concerning spiritual whirlwinds. it has been many years since I have experienced an open vision to the degree of the final one that I had, and my spirit is very stirred! I was paralyzed during the this final vision until it was over, almost to the effect of a biblical trance.

A word for the North America: Prepare for the Whirlwinds!

As the first dream unveiled before me, I saw various towns and cities in the United States and Canada under a tornado warning. As I watched the storms swirling from the sky to the earth below, I noticed something different about these twisters. They were moving very fast through the land and it seemed that they were intentionally chasing humans to each other and into shelters. It was then that I realized these vortexes were from the Presence of the Lord. No damage resulted from them, no destruction was left in their paths. As the glory twisters dissipated, I realized that they had drawn all people in each place into the same building together. It was as if men and women were caught up in these vortexes for the purpose of unity. When I awoke from this dream, I immediately saw a headline on the news of a tornado working it’s way through Alberta, Canada with reports of no injuries. I had just left Central Alberta where I was ministering for the weekend.

The Spirit of God moving is causing all things to be drawn together in Christ! The Lord is releasing a mighty unity on His Church that we have not seen for thousands of years. The Lord desires the American and Canadian Churches to be in one accord both internally and with each other for an unprecedented outpouring of heavenly proportions! That we might have “times of refreshing” from doctrinal disputes, protesting, political disputes and more. The vortex of His Glory will swirl us into the One Body that we profess to be. When we are all in one place under the same Cloud, we will see terrorism erased from our land. God is reprogramming His Church to not fear the world or anything therein, but to bring the earth and all therein to the knowledge of His Glory.

A word for France and Belgium:

In my second dream, I saw the Lord swirling among french-speaking nations. Specifically, I saw a convergence of religious leaders in Belgium. During their summit, I saw the Holy Spirit come as the Bondage Breaker to break religious mindsets and the chains of indoctrination. I saw that the terror attacks on French and Belgian soil were demonic assignments opposing the heavenly assignment of revival that France and Belgium carry for the the harvests throughout Europe at the end of the age! I saw the whirlwinds begin swirling through french soil uniting the people, and the church filled with the mighty boldness of a lion again! Evangelists and other traveling ministers would be wise to invest in French speaking nations during these times. God is raising an army out of the whirlwinds in these regions! Just after this dream, I awoke to the news of an attempted attack in Paris, France in which they had to lock nearly a thousand people in the Notre Dame Cathedral together.

Open vision: Demonic Whirlwinds vs. Heavenly Whirlwinds

I was taken into an open vision where there were whirlwinds all around me. I did not have peace when I observed these whirlwinds. They noticeably spun a different direction – in opposition to God. These vortexes were the demonic assignments to come against the move of God that is being poured out on the earth. Once inside one of these vortexes, the whirlwind of the enemy was clearly made up of tiny dark seeds. The seeds swirling together stirred the depths of judgment, fear, anxiety and anger inside of me. It is the enemy’s assignment to cultivate one, if not multiple, of these responses on the inside of you concerning the fresh move of God on the earth. If I permitted myself to be completely surrounded by this whirlwind, I grew too blinded by the seeds of unbelief to get free of the vortex. Then, suddenly, I was brought out of this scene and I saw the whirlwinds of God’s glory. I could sense the essence of peace on these beautiful vortexes. When I was taken up to one, I saw that the swirling winds were not made of seeds as the darker whirlwind were, but solid of glory. Smooth, golden whisps of God’s presence swirled around in unity with no pauses in spin or solidarity.

“The sound of Your thunder was in the whirlwind; The lightnings lit up the world; The earth trembled and shook.”
Psalm 77:18

The Lord says “I have prepared a mighty sickle for the lost, your churches and programs will not be able to hold the masses of My wandering Offspring that will begin to pour into My Presence in the coming weeks and months! Prepare yourselves. This worldwide awakening will be limitless and unprecedented. You have seen nothing yet!”

Are you ready for the whirlwinds of God to draw in the greatest harvest you have ever seen?

Proverbs 10:25

When the whirlwind passes, the wicked is no more, But the righteous has an everlasting foundation.

Rob Radosti
Founder, Kingdom Dwellers International

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