God’s Rockstars

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I was ministering in the Hollywood, California region this last week and I felt lead to do a prayer walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As I was walking, I remembered that Rev. Billy Graham had been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – a rare occurrence for a preacher! I searched tirelessly for hours, two days in a row to no avail. At the end of my last prayer walk on the second day, I felt drawn toward the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard. Me and my wife Millie have received much favor over the years ministering at Hard Rock Cafes, including seeing healings and wild miracles! The large cafe on the Las Vegas Strip gave us meeting space and many were saved and delivered over the summer of 2016. The slogan of their company is “Love All, Serve All” which you can see on the wall of any cafe across the world. As I made my way into the cafe, I happened to look down, and lo and behold my boot was resting directly on Billy Graham’s star. It was front and center at the entrance to the Hard Rock Cafe!

I looked up and saw the world famous slogan “Love All, Serve All.” Immediately the Spirit of the Lord began to speak to me. “Are you going to let the world show up my church when it comes to loving and serving humanity?” He asked. “For I am raising up in this hour those who will be the most hardcore lovers of humanity that this earth has seen since Jesus and His Disciples walked the earth! I am raising up those who will be the most hardcore miracle workers that the earth has seen! There will be no fear in them.”

This word burned in my spirit! As we love the lost into the Kingdom, the secular system will begin to honor and even sow financially into the church! They will recognize us by our love, and they will grow tired of staying outside of the party. More and more we will begin to hear “What must I do to be saved?” as in Acts chapter 16. We are not salesmen, we are sons and daughters of a Good Daddy! People are not a number, nor a project. Will Rev. Billy Graham remain the only person who was daring enough to love people so well that Hollywood itself honored Him? We cannot let the secular system love and serve people better than we do. It is time to stop scaring the hell out of the world – and start loving the hell out of them (literally)!

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