Angels of Reformation and Specific Blueprints from Heaven!

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Recently while ministering in Wyoming, the Lord opened my eyes to see an Angel of Reformation. He had on medieval garments, large white wings, and blew a trumpet-like instrument that had ten horns pointing different directions. I felt that the ten horns symbolized the different moves of God throughout the ages, and a new sound was being released from the tenth horn. 

As I saw back through history in the spirit, I could see these same ministering spirits stirring the power of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of those living more than 500 years ago. As men were stirred to see the Holy Spirit have His way, the way that folks worshipped God was re-formed. Once the Holy Spirit was welcomed to move again, great missionary movements broke out all over the earth, with heaven dispensing these angels of reformation to locations around the globe. Great revivals were ignited around the world, and the ministry of healing exploded through evangelists and revivalists. As I watched, I saw the Lord restoring each gift, function and office of the Holy Spirit to His Church. Through the late 1900’s and into the 2000’s, many of these reformation angels stirred the prophetic and apostolic in God’s people to restore the last of what was lost during the dark ages. 

As I saw this specific Angel of Reformation blowing the last horn, all of the horns began to release a new sound in every direction. The Lord is releasing these ministering spirits to tutor us and mentor us in the greatest response to God’s Spirit that the earth will have ever seen! The religious system was successful in robbing the church of our birthright for a period of time, but we are now taking back our birthright and responding to this great stirring of the Lord in our hearts. Ask the Lord to tutor you and mentor you in precise blueprints and strategies for a re-forming, both in your church, ministry and personal life. You have an unction from the Holy One to discern all things!

1 John 2:20.

Watch for creative business and ministry ideas, they just may be from an angel of reformation giving you a blueprint to respond to what God is stirring in you today. As we follow the blueprints that are being released, we will see the explosive growth of organic church models and presence-based communities. We will not only win souls, but disciple nations. Ask the Lord for your reformation angel, and buckle up for the ride!

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