Agreeing with specific heavenly assignments over major secular voices!  By Rob Radosti

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“Log on to Craigslist” said the voice of the Lord. I rarely ever get on Craigslist and I knew I was having a dream, so I watched as the Lord showed me exactly what links to click on. When I awoke, I told my wife and did exactly what I saw in the dream. When I followed the links, I found a page announcing auditions for a Matt Damon movie – one block from my house, and that day only! I raced a block away to check it out, and sure enough, the auditions were real. Me and my wife both scored 8 nights on the movie set with Matt Damon, and we got to share our testimonies with the movie crew, actors and extras! 

Not long after this, I had a dream that I was ministering to the world famous illusionist Criss Angel. I now had no doubt that this would happen. A few weeks after the dream,  we were attending a Childhood Cancer benefit (my eldest son, Titus, had been diagnosed with Leukemia in 2015),and sure enough, there is Criss Angel standing in front of me. He was there because his son had just been diagnosed with the same as my son had been. I got to minister to him, lay hands on him and give him my book “And He Unleashed Me to the World!” 

The Lord is releasing specific angelic assignments over the lives of public figures and leaders/actors/musicians around the world – and we can partner with what heaven is doing! 

The story of Philip the Evangelist and the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts Chapter 8 (verses 26-40) shows us how the Lord can give us favor with people of influence in the world. This Ethiopian Eunuch was actually a high court official for Candace, Queen of Ethiopia! Not only that, but when Philip completed this assignment, he experienced a greater degree of the miraculous! He was transported in the spirit. 

Get ready to see more miraculous things and to receive assignments that will bring you face to face with people who will go on to influence kingdoms and industries for Jesus because of their encounter with you!

Perhaps you don’t have a desire to minister to Hollywood, but you can still agree with heaven concerning assignments for public figures, world leaders and major voices of our day! 

Have you ever had a prayer burden for a specific well known person that you may not know personally? Your angel could be working with theirs! Agree with heavens assignment for their life. Remember, “Only I can tell you the future before it even happens. Everything I plan will come to pass, for I do whatever I wish.” Isaiah 46:10

Today is the day of salvation!


Don’t be afraid to believe God to influence major secular voices in this age. All things are possible!  His glory fills the earth (Is 6:3), but when you agree with heaven, the knowledge of His glory (Hab 2:14) begins to manifest in lives that you did not even know you could touch – including Hollywood.

Rob Radosti

Founder, Kingdom Dwellers International

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